Most of the interviews I have done with veterans of the war are posted here, with a brief line about who each is and what they did during the war.

These do come with a warning, however. The vast majority have been transcribed by friends of mine, who are neither experts on the war (and military parlance) or geographical geniuses. I tend not to bother editing them very thoroughly because it takes a long time and I know where the mistakes are. But if you want to look at them or use them, please accept that they are probably riddled with spelling mistakes.

The majority of the original voice recordings as well as the transcriptions are also available at the Imperial War Museum Sound Archives in London.

If anyone would like to reproduce any part of these interviews, please get in touch at There is no charge but permission is needed from the relevant interviewee or their family. Also, please acknowledge the source.  Thank you.

Photo: Stuart Bertie