Chalke Valley History Festival 2103

I’ve been very involved in getting this year’s Festival up and running, and now here we are with just two weeks to go.   We’ve got an amazing line-up of speakers including Boris Johnson, Dan Snow, Tom Stoppard, Neil Oliver and the BBC’s Wartime Farm team, as well as Antony Beevor, Max Hastings and even Rupert Everett.

I’m probably most excited about the air show and living history, though.  Re-enactors from across the ages descend on our tiny but stunning corner of Wiltshire for the main weekend from Friday-Sunday, 28-30 June, and then, on Saturday afternoon we have our first ever Chalke Valley History Festival Air Show.

Of course, I’ve called on some old friends.  Sarah Hanna is bringing her fabulous Spitfire and Mustang from the Old Flying Machine Company, while my great mate Clive Denney is leading the Biggin Boys of two Spits and a Hurricane.  The BBMF are bringing a Hurricane and Dakota, while we’ve got a display and dogfight of Great War planes, an Me108 and even a Fairey Swordfish.  The setting is stunning and it’s going to be fabulous.

I’m also giving a couple of talks – one on the artist Rex Whistler and photographer Cecil Beaton, who spent much time in Wiltshire – and one on the Dams Raid.  I’m also chairing the Wartime Farm event.

Anyway, please do all come along.  And if so, find me a say hello.

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