Citroen Back & Purring

I’ve just got my Citroen back after a small time out of action.  The problems with the new engine have been resolved and more excitingly, it’s been switched form the old French 6 volt system to a much more user-friendly 12 volts.  I can’t believe what a difference this has made.  The engine is running as solid as a rock – not a drop of oil has leaked since I’ve had it back; I’m now carefully running it back in.  This weekend, I’m taking some old friends to Normandy for a brief tour of the D-Day battlefields and the Citroen’s coming too – back to its land of birth.  Best of all, it’s now got a stereo, with MP3 output and LW for the cricket.  I couldn’t be happier – that is, if the rain went away…

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