Battle of Britain – The Real Story, 8pm, BBC 2, 22nd September

BBC2_Battle of Britain Real Story If you click here, you can see the BBC trailer.

Well, it’s finally done – bar a couple of tiny tweaks in the post-production studio tomorrow morning – and is now confirmed as transmitting on Wednesday 22nd September at 8pm.  It’s been great fun and the gang at Maya Vision have been amazing – Aaron, Freya and Toby have all been working excessive numbers of hours to get it finished in time, while executive producer, Kevin Sim, has been guiding us with the benefit of all the vast experience a Bafta-winning director of his stature can bring to bear.  I hope it all holds up – it’s frustrating because trying to compress a 200,000 word book into one hour of TV doesn’t really work and there has been lots we’ve had to leave out, but I hope there are some interesting thoughts there anyway…

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