Finding the Few & Convoy Peewit

There have been a few good books out on the Battle of Britain this year, but Grub Street can always be relied upon to offer us something new and interesting.  Two titles I’ve just got hold of are Finding the Few: Some Outstanding Mysteries of the Battle of Britain Investigated and Solved, and Convoy Peewit: August 8 1940 – The First Day of the Battle of Britain? The first is absolutely fascinating and for anyone who loves both a good mystery and the BofB, is a sure-fire must.  Convoy Peewith, on the other hand, tells the thrilling story of one of the many battered and bludgeoned convoys passing around Britain during that summer.  I’m very conscious that many people who played a vital role during the Battle have been long forgotten so it’s great to see that this incredible story is being told.  I couldn’t recommend either more highly, not least because Andy Saunders is a historian who really knows his stuff and who has been getting his hands dirty with the most incredible research for more than thirty years.

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