Malta Memoir To Be Republished

I have received a number of comments about Denis Barnham, artist and former Spitfire pilot, who flew with 601 Squadron over Malta at the height of the siege in April-June 1942.  Denis survived the war and with the help of the diary he kept during his time on the island, later wrote a fabulous memoir of his time out there, published by William Kimber as ‘One Man’s Window.’ 

The book brilliantly conveyed the terrifying experience of flying in the RAF’s biggest air battle after the Battle of Britain and of the utter mayhem into which Malta had descended.  As a picture of what it was like to live and fight during those intensely difficult months, his book is hard to beat.

Fortunately, Michael Levanthal, the publisher of Frontline Books, is giving Denis’s book a new lease of life.  Republished this summer, with a Forward by Denis’s widow, Diana (who typed the original manuscript), it will include neve-before published sketches by Denis and a new introduction as well.  This is one of my favourite war memoirs and I really hope thisnew edition will win the book a whole new load of readers and admirers.

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  1. Ross
    Ross says:

    That’s great news. Best ever. Only Laddie Lucs’ “Thorn In Rommel’s Side” come close imo. Wish someone would make a movie of this book.

  2. lubarnham
    lubarnham says:

    I’m so excited about this. Denis was my grandfather, and I’ve always wanted to see this book back in print. That there will be more pictures is especially good – I think the old hardback had a few, but the paperback had none. Really looking forward to seeing the new edition.

  3. Ross
    Ross says:

    lubarnham I’d love to meet up with your family sometime. My father was a Spitfire pilot and Denis’ story is amazing. I am also interested to see some of his art as like all of these “heroes” they had a whole other life after the war!.

    I hope I don’t come across like a stalker!

    PS I plan to go to flying legends at Duxford this summer tho I live in Scotland.

  4. whit
    whit says:

    I loved Fortresss Malta. It introduced me to a battle I didn’t know much about. I’d love to learn more about it in Mr. Barnham’s memoir.

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