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I have to admit I’m not the most diligent blogger but I’ve noticed there are some really good history sites out there, and specifically Second World War sites and blogs.  As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post, The Second World War Experience Centre in Leeds is a fantastic archive and now the dynamic new directorship of Cathy Pugh will no doubt go from strength to strength.  They have a phenomenal amount of interviews, papers, diaries and memoirs of veterans and, needless to say, they also have a very good website.

Another really good blog is the Osprey forum.  Osprey publish the Men-at-Arms and Campaign series of illustrated history books, but their linked blog is always interesting.  Another site I’m becoming a fan of is War In The Mediterranean, and since much of my historical work has centred around the Mediterranean theatre, it seems tailor-made for me.  A number of the blogs venture beyond the Mediterranean, however, and there are often serious aspects of the war discussed with careful thought and consideration.

Historic Battlefields blog is not exclusive to the Second World War, but rather 20th Century warfare as a whole.  However, there is much that is of interest and it is well worth a good look.

A further serious blog is Thoughts on Military History, which, like War in the Mediterranean, discusses a wide range of issues in some depth, and has a section devoted to the Second World War.  Two others that are both interesting and informative are Trench Fever and a wargaming site called War and Game, which has lots on the Second World War and includes some perhaps surprisingly good blogging discussions.  A lighter-hearted discussion group is Obsessed With War on Facebook, headed up by Second World War writer, James Delingpole.

A final site to mention is the Axis Forum.  When I was working on the first of my Jack Tanner books, I really needed to know something about the political structure of the Nazi Party and after posting a query on the site was swiftly given the answer.  It’s a mine of information.

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