Diary of Writing Italy’s Sorrow

Basel, Switzerland, April 26, 2006
There are still some files we have ordered that have not appeared.  Only after repeatedly questioning this were we finally told that permission to use them has been refused – this includes a memoir by someone who had served in the Fallschirm Panzerkorps Hermann Goering.  Very annoying, but as it happens we had more than enough to keep us busy and all in all I feel it’s been a good trip.  Some of the material I now have is really good, and it was also good to delve into some of the non-personal records as well.  Interestingly, there is a quite a lot of cross-over between the records here and those in the Military History Institute in the US; the files on Von Senger, for eg, were almost identical.

Took Sarah into town by the train station then headed south to Basel and ran into a torrential downpour. 


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