Diary of Writing Italy’s Sorrow

Northants, February 8, 2006
Sarah has agreed to help, which is an enormous relief.  Like Julia, she’s bright as anything, and at the moment is doing only small amounts of architectural work so as to be a full-time mother to her and her husband Michael’s five year-old son.  She does, however, think she could find the time to work with me.   She has warned me that she doesn’t really type, however, but that’s OK.  Instead, we’ve agreed that she will translate into a Dictaphone and then send me the tapes.  I can then give the tapes to Lalla, who does a brilliant job of transcribing all my interviews.

Went to see Harry Bland today near Burton Latimer in Northants.  Harry was a driver at G2 (Intelligence) at Army HQ in Caserta during the war and over the years has done a lot of research into No. 1 Special Force SOE and OSS in Italy.


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