Diary of Writing Italy’s Sorrow

Washington DC, 13 November, 2005
Got up in good time and since NARA is not open on a Sunday, drove down to Arlington Cemetery, where I’ve never been before; in fact, there is rarely time for sight-seeing on these trips.  I don’t like being away from home for too long and so tend to cram every day with as much as possible.  Glad I’ve seen it, though, although it’s a vast place and I managed little more than a look at Robert Lee’s house and JFK’s grave.  Then I headed over to the National Press Club where I met, as planned, Bill Konze.  Bill is over ninety, but had jus returned from a trip to Russia with his wife.  He told me he’s always loved travelling.  During the war he served with the 88th Infantry Division and despite his age seemed to have very clear memories.  All his stories were laced with tiny, yet fascinating details and told with tremendous good humour.  After lunch I left him and headed back to Dulles for the flight home.

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