Diary of Writing Italy’s Sorrow

NARA, College Park, 11 November, 2005
Veteran’s Day in the US, Armistice Day at home.  All day at NARA.  I was hoping to find references in the OSS files to the Stella Rossa Partisans based on Monte Sole.  It was supposedly the OSS who made contact with the Stella Rossa in the spring of 1944 and who organised arms drops and a link to the Allies.  There must be something about it somewhere, but I have been unable to unearth anything about it at the Public Record Office in Kew, nor here at NARA – so far.  I’ve another day and I can come back in the New Year.   I also looked at divisional files for the 92nd Division.  I hadn’t realised a major enquiry took place as to why they had performed so badly.  Anyway, I photocopied the lot.

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